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Home Is Where The Healing Begins

Highly Trained Staff

Multiple Disciplines for every need..

Rehabilitation at the Highest Level

All of our staff are friendly and encouraging..

High Standard of Care

Health Care in the privacy of your own home with a high standard of care..

Welcome to Angela Home Care

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Rehabilitation At The Highest Level

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  • Our Office Hours Are: Mon - Fri 9AM to 5PM
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About Us


In the Beginning:

Once upon a time there was a doctor and a nurse who worked together for many years in an emergency room saving the lives of unknown souls. Although their career paths took them in different directions, they always remained in close contact. The nurse chose to take the path of home care, specifically in providing care to clients that were involved in motor vehicle accidents and had sustained catastrophic injuries. She continually shared her career experiences with the doctor in comparison to the emergency room. She was now looking at everything from a different angle. She realized the importance of the quality of care that catastrophically injured clients needed. After discussing this with the doctor they both came to the conclusion that they needed to develop something that would increase the standard of care for these clients and also help insure the quality of care these clients received. Angela Home Care was established.


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